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Orbisphere 410/510 series controller

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Brand Instrument


Orbisphere 410/510 series controller

Product description
Technical indicators
- typical application
Monitoring dissolved gas O2 / O3 in water in the pharmaceutical industry


-Features and benefits
High precision and fast response time represent efficient and reliable process monitoring, color touch screen and powerful built-in software improve the ease of man-machine dialogue and simple operation, powerful data storage function and software encryption protection function, alarm function ppb to Wide measuring range of ppm, select different electrodes for O2 / O3 measurement
1.) Good resolution 0.1ppb high precision + 1ppb fast response time 7.2S, continuous sampling and individual sampling detection
2.) Multi-mode communication:
RS485, DP, USB, Ethernet 0 / 4-20mA analog output, 3 0-5V (hardware optional)
Can reach 10000 data storage and 1000 operation actions
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