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XOS Total Lead / Total Arsenic Heavy Metal Series Online Analyzer

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XOS Total Lead / Total Arsenic Heavy Metal Series Online Analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
-Measuring principle:
The Hach XOS total lead / total arsenic online analyzer uses monochromatic wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (MWDXRF) spectroscopic technology to measure lead and arsenic in water.
The analyzer contains a MWDXRF host, an online mobile sample device, touch screen interface, supporting electronic circuit device and computer hardware software system. An X-ray tube produces a continuous X-ray spectrum with a maximum power of 50 W (voltage 50 kV and current 1 mA). The excitation DCC mirror intercepts X-rays from a specific wavelength of the X-ray tube, focuses them into a strong monochromatic beam and hits the test sample to excite the inner electrons of lead or arsenic in the sample, and the excited element lead or The X-ray fluorescence of arsenic is intercepted by the collecting DCC mirror and focused on a detector. The intensity detected by the detector (counts per second) is proportional to the lead or arsenic content (mg / kg) contained in the sample. According to this, the content of lead (arsenic) in the sample can be calculated according to the detected intensity using a calibration equation come out.
Compared with the multicolor light excitation used in conventional high-power WDXRF technology, the Hach XOS total lead / total arsenic online analyzer only needs to use a low-power X-ray tube in combination with a DCC mirror to obtain a monochromatic excitation light of sufficient intensity. Monochromatic X-ray excitation significantly reduces background noise, simplifies matrix correction, and increases signal-to-noise ratio.
- typical application:
On-line monitoring of lead and arsenic in water, industrial waste water (such as batteries, electronic waste water), and inlet and outlet of sewage plants

-Instrument features:

● New monochromatic wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (MWD XRF) technology

● High detection performance and accuracy, the lower limit of quantification is as low as 0.025ppm (lead), 0.015ppm (arsenic)

● Non-traditional colorimetric method, no turbidity interference

● No need to consume reagents and chemicals, no secondary environmental pollution

● Direct measurement without sample processing

● Replaceable air-cooled low-power (50W) X-ray tube

● Plug and play, use ordinary power

●Simple operation, no professional

● Optional measurement time (10 ~ 50min)

● User-friendly touch screen interface

● Low maintenance requirements

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Technical index
power supply 230 VAC ± 10%,50-60 Hz (hertz)
Power consumption 400 VA
Rated fuse Independent circuit breaker, 4A, 250V, with leakage protection (leakage current 30mA)
Rated X-ray tube voltage 50 kV
Maximum X-ray tube current 1 mA
Equipment AC power requirements 90 - 264 V AC, 47 - 63 Hz
Measurement technology Monochromatic excitation wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (MWDXRF)
Analysis scope XOS Total Lead Online Analyzer XOS Total Arsenic Online Analyzer XOS total lead and total arsenic two-in-one online analyzer
Lead 0.03ppm-10ppm Arsenic 0.02ppm-5ppm Arsenic 0.015ppm-5ppm Lead 0.025ppm-10ppm
Lower detection limit XOS Total Lead Online Analyzer XOS Total Arsenic Online Analyzer XOS total lead and total arsenic two-in-one online analyzer
Lead 0.03ppm Arsenic 0.02ppm Arsenic 0.015ppm Lead 0.025ppm
Water sample flow rate 50-80 mL/min
Sample pressure 5-50 psi
Protection level IP 53
Communication function RS-485(Modbus)
measure time The instrument automatically selects 10-50 minutes. High concentration: 10 minutes; very low concentration: 50 minutes
Measurement interval 1 hour
Relative humidity 30 - 85%
physical dimension 1040 mm × 600 mm × 437.16mm (height × width × depth)
Operating temperature 10℃ - 40℃
Relay 220V, 3A, 2 channels
Repeatability 1.5% 1ppm pb



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