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AnatelA-1000XP Online TOC Analyzer

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AnatelA-1000XP Online TOC Analyzer

Features improve the performance of the TOC analyzer, accurately and reliably detect the total organic carbon detection limit and stability in the ultrapure water system, the detection value of trace TOC changes C80 controller can connect up to 8 sensors, some economic Application of electronic semiconductor manufacturing ultra-pure water system total organic carbon (TOC) analysis performance automatic TOC mode and cleaning mode two working methods Measuring range XP mode 0.02-1.999ppb organic carbon, standard mode 2.00-1999ppb organic carbon automatic measurement mode The inlet water requirement is 15.0-18.2MΩ-cm
Product description
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  • Improves the performance of the TOC analyzer and accurately and reliably detects total organic carbon in ultrapure water systems
  • The detection limit and stability, the detection value of trace TOC changes can be up to C80 controller
  • 8 sensors connected, some economical


  • Analysis of total organic carbon (TOC) in ultrapure water system of electronic semiconductor manufacturing
  • Two working modes: automatic TOC mode and cleaning mode
  • Measuring range XP mode 0.02-1.999 ppb organic carbon,
  • Standard mode 2.00-1999 ppb organic carbon
  • Water inlet requirement in automatic measurement mode 15.0 -18.2M Ω -cm
  • Wider water inlet requirements in cleaning mode 0.05 to 100 μS / cm
  • Inlet pressure <100 psig (690 kPa)
  • The detection limit of 0.02ppb and the display accuracy of 0.001ppb
  • Can choose RS485 long-distance transmission or RS232 to print timely data in place
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