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Lufft WS400-UMB intelligent weather sensor

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Lufft WS400-UMB intelligent weather sensor

-Working principle: NTC negative temperature coefficient thermistor principle to measure temperature, capacitance principle to measure relative humidity, MEMS principle to measure air pressure, 24GHz Doppler radar principle to measure rainfall Building automation airports, docks, and ports are integrated into various systems and solutions that require environmental data-Instrument characteristics: integrated weather sensor, only one cable can be connected to the device; built-in data preprocessing, universal interface And selectable output protocols; advantages such as open communication protocols; suitable for all climates
Product description
Technical indicators
- working principle:
Temperature is measured by NTC negative temperature coefficient thermistor principle, capacitance principle is used to measure relative humidity, MEMS principle is used to measure air pressure, 24 GHz Doppler radar principle is used to measure rainfall
-Application industry:
Road, traffic system
Automatic weather station
Photovoltaic, solar
Building automation
Airport, terminal, port
Integration into various systems and solutions that require environmental data
-Instrument features:
The integrated weather sensor only needs a cable to connect to the device;
Built-in data preprocessing, universal interface and selectable output protocol;
Open communication protocol and other advantages;
Applicable to all climatic zones, and also to solar automatic weather stations;
Observe WMO rules, measure temperature, humidity and wind
If there is frost, you can turn on the integrated heater
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Technical index
Measurement parameters Temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, rainfall intensity, rainfall type, rainfall
Technical Parameters specification Ø about 150 mm, height 317 mm
weight  1.5 kg
Data interface RS485, 2 core half duplex
Operating Voltage 4...32 VDC
Operating temperature -50...60°C
Working humidity 0...100% RH
heating power 40 VA at 24 VDC
cable length 10 M
Protection level IP66
Install the mast Mast diameter 60-76 mm
temperature principle NTC negative temperature coefficient thermistor
Range -50...60 °C
unit °C
Accuracy ± 0.2 ° C (-20 ... 50 ° C), otherwise ± 0.5 ° C (> -30 ° C)
Relative humidity principle capacitance
Range 0 ... 100 % RH
unit % RH
Accuracy ±2 % RH
Air pressure principle MEMS capacitor
Range 300 ... 1200 hPa
unit hPa
Accuracy ±0.5 hPa (0...40 °C)
Precipitation intensity Resolution 0.1 mm/h
Rainfall Resolution 0.01
Repeatability >90%
Range Raindrop diameter 0.3 ... 5 mm
Type of precipitation Rain / snow


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