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Lufft VENTUS-X-UMB Heated Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Anemometer

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Lufft VENTUS-X-UMB Heated Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Anemometer

-Working principle: Ultrasound-Application industry: automatic weather stations with weather services; automatic weather stations at airports, docks, and ships; wind power generation control; weather monitoring in road traffic control systems; avalanche and flood warning in mountain weather stations; hydrometeorology Observation station-Instrument characteristics: The heating sensor has a powerful integrated heating function. In the case of frost, the heater can be turned on to ensure that it performs anti-freezing operations at extremely low temperatures and freezing; built-in data preprocessing, general interface and The selected output protocol is compatible with OTT data recorders, hydrometeorological data recorders and PLS systems;
Product description
Technical indicators
- working principle:
-Application industry:
Automatic weather station with weather service;
Automatic weather stations on airports, docks, and ships;
Wind power control;
Weather monitoring of road traffic control system;
Avalanche and flood warning for mountain weather stations;
Hydrometeorological Observatory
-Instrument features:
The heating sensor has a powerful integrated heating function. In the case of frost, the heater can be turned on to ensure that it performs anti-freezing operations at extremely low temperatures and freezing;
Built-in data preprocessing, universal interface and selectable output protocol, compatible with OTT data recorder, hydrometeorological data recorder and PLS system;
Maintenance-free operation, using ultrasonic technology for measurement, no wear of moving parts, no need for re-calibration;
Applicable to all climatic zones, and also to solar automatic weather stations;
Anti-vibration, seawater corrosion resistance, suitable for coastal areas;
Successfully passed the test and certification under extreme environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, electromagnetic compatibility, vibration, salt spray, freezing).
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Technical index
Measurement parameters Wind speed, wind direction, virtual temperature, air pressure
basic configuration specification Diameter about 150 mm, height about 170 mm
weight 1.62 kg
Ambient temperature -40 ... 60 °C
Heating state 24 VDC / 240 VA (140 VA + 100 VA)
Bus operation Up to 32 devices
Operating Voltage 12-24 VDC / 1.2 VA, without heating
connection 8-pin plug
Casting materials Aluminum, waterproof material
Protection level IP68
Column diameter 50 mm/2"
Factory calibration certificate Have
Digital signal output Data interface RS485 half-duplex / full-duplex with isolation
Baud rate 1200 - 57600
Data update frequency of tested channel 1-10 seconds
Statistics channel data update frequency (vector, arithmetic) 1 ... 10 points
Report working status Heating and sensor failure
Analog signal output Analog signal output Half-duplex mode only
output signal 0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V, 2 ... 10 V, 2 ... 2,000 frequency (can output various measured values and statistical values)
load 500 ohms maximum
Resolution 16 bits
Vibration test See IEC 60945
Anti-salt spray test See MIL-STD-810 Method 509.3
Anti-freezing test See MIL-STD-810F Method 521.2
HALT Highly accelerated life test
Maximum use height 3500 m
wind direction principle Ultrasound
Measuring range 0 ... 359.9 °
unit °
Accuracy ±2° RMSE >1.0 m/s
Resolution 0.1 °
Wind speed principle Ultrasound
Measuring range 0 ... 90 m/s
Virtual temperature principle Ultrasound
Measuring range -50 ... 70 °C
unit °C
Accuracy ± 2.0 ° C (No heating, no sun exposure, no wind> 4 m / s)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Air pressure principle MEMS capacitors
Measuring range 300 ... 1200 hPa
unit hPa
Accuracy ±1.5 hPa
Resolution 0.1 hPa


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