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Lufft StaRWIS fixed remote sensing weather sensor

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Lufft StaRWIS fixed remote sensing weather sensor

-Working principle: LED spectrum, photo reception, pyrometer, infrared rays (Ice detection system) is an important part of forming the runway status code, water film height and airport friction device; smart city; improves the accuracy of meteorological data collection and improves the weather forecast mode. -Instrument characteristics: use innovative LED technology to make it have no moving parts; remote sensing measurement principle; data transmission through Bluetooth, RS485, CAN bus;
Product description
Technical indicators
- working principle:
LED spectrum, picture reception, pyrometer, infrared


-Application industry:
Provided important support for winter road maintenance personnel on pavements and highways;
Played an important role in supporting the runway de-icing (higher efficiency);
IDS (Ice Detection System) is an important part of forming runway status code, water film height and airport friction device;
Smart City;
Improve the accuracy of meteorological data collection and improve the weather forecast mode.
-Instrument features:
Use innovative LED technology so that it has no moving parts;
The principle of remote sensing measurement;
Data is transmitted via Bluetooth, RS485, CAN bus;
Can measure the ground or surrounding environment;
Easy to install and clean.
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Technical index
Measurement parameters Road surface conditions (dry, tide, wet, ice, snow, large amount of water), road surface temperature, ambient temperature, water film height, dew point temperature, relative humidity, ice content, freezing point temperature, coefficient of friction (calculation required)
basic configuration specification 110 mm high, 200 mm wide, 100 mm long
weight 1.7 kg
storage temperature -40...70 °C
Storage relative humidity <95% RH without condensation
Operating Voltage 10...28 VDC
Power consumption
No heating: 3W
Heating: 50W
measure temperature -40...60 °C
Measuring relative humidity 0...100 % RH
Protection level IP68
Surface condition Dry, tide, wet, snow / ice, severe water accumulation
Acceptable height (above absolute height) 3000 m
Data interface RS485, 2-core, half-duplex, Bluetooth, CAN
Road temperature principle Optics
Measuring range -40...70 °C
unit °C
Accuracy ± 0.8 °C @ 0 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Road relative humidity Measuring range 0 ... 100 %
unit %
Resolution 0.10%
principle Passive, calculated from the air temperature and humidity above the road surface
Dew point temperature Measuring range -50 ... 60 °C
unit °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
principle Passive, calculated from air temperature and humidity
Water film height principle Optics
Measuring range 0 ... 6000 µm
unit µm
Resolution 1 µm
Ice content Measuring range 0 ... 100 %
unit %
Resolution 1%
Coefficient of friction Measuring range 0...1
Resolution 0.01


Cúnchú xiāngduì shīdù
Storage relative humidity
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