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Lufft Remote Sensing Pavement Sensor NIRS31

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Lufft Remote Sensing Pavement Sensor NIRS31

-Working principle: optical, pyrometer-application industry: played an important role in winter maintenance for road surface and highway; installed on the airport runway, as an important part of IDS (ice detection system) and water film height detection ;Smart City. -Instrument features: remote sensing, easy to install; open UMB protocol; can be installed on the bridge; on-site calibration; real-time data; analog output data with 8160.UDAC.
Product description
Technical indicators
- working principle:
Optical, pyrometer
-Application industry:
Provided important support for winter road maintenance personnel on pavements and highways;
Installed on the airport runway as an important part of IDS (Ice Detection System) and water film height detection;
Smart City.
-Instrument features:
Remote sensing type, easy to install;
Open UMB protocol;
Can be installed on the bridge;
On-site calibration;
Real-time data;
Simulate output data with 8160.UDAC.
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Technical index
Measurement parameters Water film height, road surface condition (dry, tide, wet, snow, ice), coefficient of friction, road temperature (optional)
basic configuration specification Height 425 mm, width 225mm, length 285mm
weight 10 kg
Storage conditions Allowable ambient temperature -40...70°C
Relative humidity <95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Working condition Operating Voltage 24 VDC ±10%
Power consumption 约 40VA
Operating temperature -40...60°C
Protection level IP65
Water film height Water film height Rain, snow, ice
principle Optics
Measuring range 0 ... 2mm (snow 0 ... 10 mm)
Resolution 0.01mm
Road condition Dry, tide, wet, snow, ice
Coefficient of friction Measuring range 0 ... 1 (dangerous ... dry)
Road temperature principle Pyrometer
Measuring range -40 …+70°C
Accuracy 0,8°C
Resolution 0,1°C


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