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HQ portable water quality analyzer

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HQ portable water quality analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators

This product is suitable for water quality electrochemical parameter measurement

Measurement parameters: pH/ORP / DO / conductivity / TDS / salinity / and parameters including ammonia / ammonium ion / fluoride ion / chloride ion / nitrate / sodium ion

-Main application areas:

Municipal / Beverage / Drinking Water / Electricity / Food / Surface Water / Industrial Wastewater

-Instrument features:

● IP67 design, waterproof and dustproof design of all equipment including battery compartment

● Built-in standard procedures for calibration and fault diagnosis. Through the screen display with both pictures and texts, simple and direct calibration and troubleshooting operations can be realized, saving customers' operation and searching time for data.

● Chinese operation interface. The HQ series products start again, in line with the needs of Chinese customers, and are more intuitive and easy to operate

● Classic electrochemical probe to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of product measurement

● Added a stand-alone version of DO portable operation instrument

● Newly added three-channel portable analysis instrument

● More scientific product portfolio to meet customers' wide application needs

Ordering guide

Product Item No. Product Description

LEV015.80.1110A HQ1110 pH/ORP single parameter analyzer

LEV015.80.1130A HQ1130 DO single parameter analyzer

LEV015.80.1140A HQ1140 EC/TDS single parameter analyzer

LEV015.80.2100A HQ2100 portable multi-parameter single channel (pH/EC/TDS/DO) analyzer

LEV015.80.2200A HQ2200 portable multi-parameter dual channel (pH/EC/TDS/DO) analyzer

LEV015.80.4100A HQ4100 portable advanced multi-parameter single-channel analyzer

LEV015.80.4200A ee HQ4200 portable advanced version multi-parameter dual channel analyzer

LEV015.80.4300A ee HQ4300 portable advanced multi-parameter three-channel analyzer

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Technical index
model HQ1110 HQ1130 HQ1140 HQ2100 HQ2200 HQ4100 HQ4200 HQ4300
  pH / ORP DO EC / TDS Multi-parameter* Multi-parameter* Multi-parameter Multi-parameter Multi-parameter
  Single channel Single channel Single channel Single channel Dual channel Single channel Dual channel Three-channel
data storage 5,000 pieces 10,000 100,000
screen display 3.2" black and white screen 3.2" black and white screen 3.5" color screen
Number of channels 1 1 2 1 2 3
Meter weight 519g 519g 541g 530g 550g 570g
Warranty time 1 year 1 year 3 years
Instrument size 63mm x 97mm x 220mm
Protection level IP67
Data storage mode Automatic key reading / interval reading / manual continuous reading
data transmission USB connected to the computer, read directly
Data Display Up to three data can be displayed at the same time, depending on the model
Back light Have
Language Chinese optional
Certification CE, FCC, ISED, RCM, KC, ETL, US DOE/ NRCan energy saving, RoHS
GLP settings Date; time; sample ID; operator ID; calibration data
power supply 18650 rechargeable lithium battery, Class II, USB charging adapter: 100-240VAC, 50-60HZ
Or 2A / 5VDC external power supply equipment (such as: power bank)


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Mainly engaged in the distribution of environmental monitoring instruments and meters, as well as the integration and operation and maintenance of environmental monitoring systems; Research and development, production, and sales of environmental monitoring instruments;

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