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TU5200 Desktop Turbidity Meter

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TU5200 Desktop Turbidity Meter

Technical indicators

TU5 series turbidity meter is a newly developed turbidity equipment developed by Hach Company, including laboratory turbidity meter and online turbidity meter. The TU5200 desktop turbidity meter is a laboratory turbidity meter in the TU5 series. It has an epoch-making unique 360°x 90° detection technology in the history of turbidity, ensuring the matching of TU5 series laboratories and online data, and is widely used in tap water, electricity, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other applications.

Main performance characteristics and advantages

● TU5 series online and laboratory equipment use the same optical path and detection technology to eliminate various uncertainties in the measurement and ensure that the readings match

● Unique 360° x 90° optical path design and detection technology to ensure accuracy and repeatability in low turbidity measurement

● There is no need to wipe the sample bottle with silicone oil and oil cloth, shorten the test operation steps, and reduce the error that may be introduced by human operation

● 7-inch color touch screen, Chinese interface, the operation is more intuitive and convenient

● Ethernet interface, can be connected to the LAN for identification

● 3 USB ports, which can be connected to external storage devices or printers to realize data input, output and printing functions

● Support single-point calibration in the range of 0-40 NTU, making the calibration process more time-saving and labor-saving

● Different levels of encryption authority can be set to ensure the safety of the test

working principle



The laser emitted by the TU5 series turbidimeter is injected into the sample, and the scattered light generated by the suspended particles in the sample is measured. The scattered light that is 90° with the incident beam passes through the cone mirror and surrounds the sample at 360°, and is finally detected by the scattered light detector. The scattered light is proportional to the suspended particles in the water sample. If the sample contains tiny suspended particles, only a small amount of scattered light will be detected by the detector, so the turbidity value will be low. Conversely, large suspended particles will form stronger scattered light, leading to higher turbidity values.


Technical index
light source 650 nm (EPA) or 850 nm (ISO), maximum 1 mW. Class 2 laser products: Contains non-user-serviceable Class 2 lasers. in accordance with
Article 50 of the Laser Bulletin, this product complies with IEC/EN 60825-1 and 21 CFR1040.10.
Range EPA: 0  to  700 NTU, FNU, TE/F, FTU; 0  to  100 mg/L; 0  to  175 EBC    
ISO: 0  to  1000 NTU / FNU / TE/F / FTU; 0  to  100 mg/L; 0  to 250 EBC         
Accuracy 0 to 40 NTU ±2% of reading plus 0.01 NTU
According to Formazin main standard, at 25 °C (77 °F), at 40 to 700 NTU, ± 10% of reading
Resolution 0.0001 NTU / FNU / TE / F / FTU / EBC / mg / L
Repeatability According to Formazin's main standard, at 25°C (77°F), <40 NTU: 0.002 NTU or 1% of the reading (whichever is greater);
> 40 NTU: better than 3.5% of reading
Stray light <10 mNTU
Units of measurement NTU 、 FNU 、 TE / F 、 FTU 、 EBC 、 mg / L 、 mNTU 、 mFNU
Operating temperature 10 to 40 °C (50 to 104°F) relative humidity 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Power requirements (voltage) 100 - 240 VAC
Power requirement (Hz) 50/60 Hz


Ordering guide:

TU5200 laboratory laser turbidity meter


Item No. describe
LPV442.99.01012 TU5200 laboratory laser turbidity meter, 650 nm, EPA version
LPV442.99.01022 TU5200 laboratory laser turbidity meter, 850 nm, ISO version


Calibration and verification


Item No. describe
LZY898 StablCal calibration kit
LZV946 TU5200 sample bottle




Item No. describe
LZY903 TU5200/TU5300sc/TU5400sc manual vial wiper



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