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High temperature digester HT200S

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High temperature digester HT200S

Product description
Technical indicators

Samples are quickly digested, saving time and cost



There is no longer a long wait for sample digestion!

HT200S adopts High-Speed ​​Digestion (HSD) technology to meet the needs of municipal, industrial and other laboratories for fast and efficient digestion.

The heating and cooling process only takes a few minutes. In the actual analysis operation, the sample can be taken out from the digester in only 35 minutes and the analysis operation can be started. The pure digestion time is only 15 minutes.

HT200S can also be used for standard and user's other applications.

• Save analysis time for chemical oxygen demand (COD), total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP) and heavy metals

• Automatic rapid cooling

• Integrated safety lock to ensure safe operation

• Adjustable digestion time and temperature

• Only 35 minutes to obtain COD analysis results


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HT200S technical indicators

High-performance heating module (1000W), dual fan system for rapid cooling

It takes up to 8 minutes to heat up and 13 minutes to cool down

The shell integrates a safety lock, automatically locks above 80°C

Digital display time (5-240 min)

Custom heating temperature range (40-150°C)

3 standard programs (100°C/148°C/HT) and 9 methods are optional

Holds up to 12 TNT-plus (13mm) prefabricated reagent tubes or reactors

Dimensions (H x Wx D) 300x 330 x 430mm

Weight 12kg

Order number LTV077



The special structure of HT200S allows up to 12 digestion tubes or reaction vessels to be rapidly heated and cooled at the same time.


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