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HYDROLAB HL7 multi-parameter water quality analyzer

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HYDROLAB HL7 multi-parameter water quality analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators

HYDROLAB HL7 multi-parameter water quality analyzer can provide a universal, durable and practical water quality analysis solution to meet various simple or complex monitoring needs. The HL7 multi-parameter water quality analyzer equipped with a variety of sensor kits can exert stable performance in harsh working environments and realize long-term continuous monitoring. The optional central cleaning brush can reduce biological pollution as much as possible, and the use of advanced power management functions can greatly increase the working time of the instrument.

The HL7 multi-parameter water quality analyzer is equipped with a temperature sensor, seven external sensor ports and an optional internal depth sensor. Can help customers automatically and accurately record data, and easily integrate into real-time telemetry systems. HYDROLAB operating software can provide data accuracy verification function, simplify the process of data collection and calibration tasks. It can also provide calibration logs and metadata to help customers achieve data quality control.

Compared with the previous Hydrolab product series, the new generation of HL7 multi-parameter water quality analyzer greatly extends the use time of field online monitoring, reduces the need for maintenance and repair, and provides customers with reliable and traceable monitoring data to make on-site deployment more convenient and efficient

-Simple and easy to disassemble battery compartment for quick battery replacement

-Ergonomic hand-held design helps to carry, install and deploy the instrument

-Color-coded status indicator prompts whether the battery power supply is working properly

Traceable measurement value to improve the reliability of measurement results

-Guided calibration process can improve calibration efficiency

-Use smarter data verification methods to protect field measurements

-Sensor diagnostic information and metadata information can be used to verify measured values

-Use calibration history to reduce the risk of errors

Robust structure to ensure continuous operation around the clock

-Keyed cable connector design ensures the alignment of the cable and the host

-In the event of a collision, the embedded bulkhead connector protects the pins

-Independently sealed built-in battery compartment

-Kellraf reinforced cables to meet stringent requirements for continuous deployment in the field

-External power supply option

Can be easily and quickly integrated with data loggers and data acquisition systems

-User-configurable communication module to simplify system integration

-USB can be used to quickly transfer data to rugged tablets and on-site laptops

-Support SDI-12, RS232 Modbus and RS485 Modbus protocols

Surveyor HL handheld terminal can be used with HL series multi-parameter water quality analyzer

Surveyor HL is a compact and rugged handheld terminal display that can be used for multi-parameter water quality analyzers

Real-time data viewing, storage, calibration and configuration. The color screen is visible in direct sunlight, but with hair

The sound button keyboard helps the system to navigate. Surveyor HL is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can

For HYDROLAB HL4 to work continuously for 10 hours.

-Reinforced equipment shell is sufficient to withstand the environmental challenges brought by harsh application sites

-The feature that the instrument can be floated in the water is helpful for the recovery of the equipment after accidentally falling into the water

-4GB of memory storage, easy to save massive data

-Built-in atmospheric pressure sensor, which can be used to calibrate HACH LDO® dissolved oxygen sensor

-The raised button design of the handheld terminal is convenient for real-time operation by users wearing gloves



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