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POCKETPRO+ analyzer

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POCKETPRO+ analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators



●On-site inspection

●Industrial water




Direct measurement without conversion

The Pocket Pro and Pocket Pro+ analyzers can be used in a wide range of electrochemical parameter measurements in water. The 12 pen type analyzers of the Pro/Pro+ series provide easy-to-use and portable solutions including pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity and temperature. Bring you reliable and accurate measurement results. The Pocket Pro+ meter also has options such as replaceable sensors, powerful backlight, and multi-parameter measurement to further enhance its value.

Reliable results

Simple calibration steps and the performance diagnosis function of the built-in pH meter can be calibrated at any time without guessing, and the accurate test of the instrument is always maintained.

Save time and cost

The AAA battery can be replaced, and the sample cup is easy to use, making maintenance and measurement easier.

Easy to use

Large LCD screen reading; PocketPro+ models have more backlight settings, no matter what kind of strong light

It can be easily measured in low light environment.


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