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Pipeline Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Pipeline Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Product description
Technical indicators

  SONOKIT is an ultrasonic flowmeter based on the time difference method, which can be modified according to the specific pipe size.

  SONOKIT installation kit includes various necessary parts and installation of single-channel or dual-channel flowmeter

  All kinds of special tools needed.

  This equipment is suitable for installation on empty pipes or pressurized pipes without interruption (pressurized installation).

  • SONOKIT is easy to install on the pipeline without interrupting the flow

  • No need to install bypass pipes-pressure resistance 40 bar, medium temperature range -20~+200°C

  • High precision-the bigger the pipe, the higher the precision

  • Sturdy structure, no moving parts, 100% maintenance-free, no choking parts

  • SONOKIT transducer protection grade IP68

  • After the pipeline geometry data is input, the signal converter automatically calculates the calibration coefficient


  • Raw water input for water treatment equipment

  • Water distribution system

  • Irrigation system

  • Hydropower station

  • District heating

  • Cooling water system in industry or power station

  • Petroleum and refining trading system

  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Non-conductive liquid conveying equipment

  technical parameter

  Accuracy: depends on the measurement accuracy of the installation measurement: dual channel: ≤ ± (0.5...1.5%)

  Single channel: ≤ ± (1...3%)

  Shell: P68

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