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Pressure Transmitters

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Pressure Transmitters

Product description
Technical indicators

  The pressure transmitter is a digital instrument with a user-friendly interface and high accuracy. The parameters can be set through the control keys and the HART communication bus interface.

  Abundant functions make this pressure transmitter very suitable for the needs of factories. Despite a large number of setting options, the operation is still very simple.

  The main technical parameters

  Measuring principle: Piezoelectric resistance

  Measuring range: see meter list

  Measuring medium: gas, vapor, liquid

  Accuracy: 0.065% (including dead zone, hysteresis, repeatability, etc.)

  Turndown ratio: 100:1

  Communication: 4~20mA/HART

  Stability and reliability: long-term drift 0.125%/5 years, actual measurement <0.1%/5 years

  Safety level: SIL2

  Protection level: IP66

  Ambient temperature: -40°C~85°C,

  Process temperature: -40°C~100°C

  Filling fluid: silicone oil

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