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Echomax ultrasonic sensor

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Echomax ultrasonic sensor

Product description
Technical indicators

  The Echomax ultrasonic sensor uses ultrasonic technology to monitor liquid and solid level changes, and has a wide range of applications. All ultrasonic sensors of this series can be installed in process vessels and can be used in applications where there is steam and severe chemical corrosion.

  Ultrasonic sensor measuring range: see list for details.

  In operation, the Echomax ultrasonic sensor emits sound pulses in a narrow beam perpendicular to its surface. The level monitor calculates the distance based on the time between emission and echo.

  Technical performance:

  Built-in patented "Acoustic Intelligence" technology can effectively process echo signals.

  False echo automatic suppression function

  Dophin Plus configuration software for programming and fault diagnosis.

  Measuring range: see list for details

  Ambient temperature: -20℃~+50℃

  Stability: 0.1% for twelve months, and can remove the interference of violent water fluctuations

  Repeatability: <0.1% of full scale

  Zero shift: arbitrarily set outside the blind zone


  With integrated temperature probe to correct the running time of ultrasound

  Protection level: IP68

  Installation method: threaded direct installation

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