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Radar level meter (LR560)

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Radar level meter (LR560)

Product description
Technical indicators

  • Rugged stainless steel housing design, suitable for industrial applications

  • 78GHz high frequency can provide ultra-narrow beam angle, avoid the noise generated by the installation of the riser, and get good reflection on the inclined surface of the material

  • The sight can help the beam aim at a specific area, such as a cone-shaped discharge area

  • Planar antenna can effectively prevent material sticking

  • For extremely adhered solid powders, there is a purge connection to achieve self-cleaning

  • The local display interface can be used for on-site programming and diagnosis

  Range: 0.4-40m

  Accuracy: maximum 25mm or 0.25% of range

  Frequency: 78GHz FMCW

  Output: 4-20mA

  Communication: HART

  Power supply: 24VDC two-wire system

  Display: Chinese LCD

  Protection class: NEMA 4X, NEMA6, IP68 (waterproof cable gland)

  Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 80 °C

  Medium temperature: -40~100℃

  Pressure rating: maximum 0.5bar

  Process connection: 4"/100mm universal flange, with sight, aluminum tape polyester powder coating

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