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COD-60A Permanganate Index Rapid Tester

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COD-60A Permanganate Index Rapid Tester

Product description
Technical indicators
COD-60A Oxygen Consumption / Permanganate Index Rapid Tester adopts acidic (alkaline) potassium permanganate titration method, and adopts an integrated measurement system of heating / titration part. Through the unique control method, the process of digestion and titration determination is fully automated. The operation is simple, convenient and fast. The instrument can be widely used in the rapid determination of oxygen consumption / permanganate index in drinking water, surface water, groundwater, seawater, industrial water and other fields. Its characteristics are:
The titration method is reliable and the data is accurate: the current most accurate coulometric titration method is used. Responsive and accurate data.
Fast titration: The digestion time is adjustable in the range of 10 to 800 seconds. The measurement data can be obtained within 5 ~ 10 minutes.
Multi-range, direct reading of COD value: the range is set according to the dilution ratio, and the COD value of the undiluted stock solution can be directly read without conversion.
The operation is simple: the measurement unit is integrated, and the oxidation and titration processes are combined. After setting the instrument, only one-click operation is required to automatically complete the entire process from automatic zero calibration, oxidation, titration to data printing.
It can be converted to the measured value of the standard method: it can be calibrated and adjusted by the standard method. The correlation between the laboratory standard analysis method and COD-60A is obtained in advance, and the conversion value of the standard analysis method can be obtained by entering the linear regression equation.
Automatic standard program control to reduce operation errors: unique system control, automatic oxidation state (heating / cooling) and titration steps, automatic precise temperature control, based on Coulometric titration, titration with self-cleaning electrodes. Reduced human error between operators.
Various maintenance / inspection functions: Adopt electrode cleaning mode and titration mode for self-inspection, easy maintenance and inspection.
Data storage function (100 groups), built-in printer and clock: the measurement results can be printed after the measurement is completed, and the historical data can be displayed or printed afterwards.
Comparison with national standard method
GB 11892-89  COD-60A
Sampling 100mL (water sample + dilution water) in an Erlenmeyer flask Sampling 5mL (water sample + dilution water) in the reagent bottle
Add 5mL sulfuric acid and 10mL potassium permanganate solution to the burette
Add 15mL sulfuric acid and standard reagents 1, 2 2mL, 0.5mL
 Place the Erlenmeyer flask in a boiling water bath
Put the reagent bottle into the analyzer and start automatic heating
Digestion at 100 ℃ boiling water bath or equivalent heating device for 30 minutes
100 ℃ heating digestion (adjustable from 10s to 800s)
 Add 10mL sodium oxalate solution to the burette  
Maintain the liquid temperature (60 ~ 80 ℃) Automatic temperature control at 65 ℃
Volumetric titration of artificial potassium permanganate solution Automatic coulometric titration
Record the volume of potassium permanganate solution after 30 seconds of color development Determination of oxidation-reduction potential
Blank test calibration Automatic calculation, get the result
Calculate manually according to the formula to get the result Can display the converted measurement value of manual measurement method


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名称 货号 数量
测量器、支撑杆和定位器  0KK00001 1
电极护套 0IB00011 1
测定电极1 0LA00001 1
测定电极2 0LA00002 1
测量池 0DA00002 2
测量池座 0LZ00003 1
搅拌子 0SE00001 1
试剂1(100ml) 143C143 1
试剂2(25ml) 143C144 1
电极填充液(25ml) 143C145 1
微量吸管(0.5ml) 0SZ00013 1
量液移液管(5ml) 0SZ00014 1
移液管(2ml) 0SZ00015 1
填充液补液用吸管 0SZ00016 1
使用手册 0PA00064 1
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