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Digital pH / ORP sensor

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Digital pH / ORP sensor

-Typical applicationHash HACH's GLI3 / 4 inch composite pH / ORP sensor has a variety of materials and installation methods, which can be applied to various environments that require pH and ORP measurement; especially suitable for municipal sewage and industrial wastewater Replace the sensor in the harsh environment. It can automatically perform temperature compensation and is a sturdy and compatible ORP / pH testing instrument. -Instrument characteristics ● Compatible with most pH and ORP sensors ● Automatic temperature compensation ● Compound pH / ORP sensor has a sturdy round electrode, easy to clean flat electrode and HF (hydrofluoric acid) resistant
Product description
Technical indicators
Hach's digital pH / ORP sensor can be connected to any sc200 (digital) or sc1000 universal digital controller. During installation, you only need to insert any number of digitized sensors into the sc200 (digital) or sc1000 controller, which can be automatically recognized by the controller, realizing a true "plug and play". Exempt
In addition to complicated wiring and setting procedures.
-Operating principle
Digital pH / ORP sensor technology uses three measuring electrodes to replace the two electrodes in traditional pH sensors. The difference between the pH value measured by the measuring electrode and the standard electrode relative to the third solution background sensor. The technology has been proven to have high accuracy, reduce the pollution of the reference electrode connection, and effectively eliminate the closed circuit. Reduced downtime and maintenance time.
-Features and advantages
● The patented (US Patent No. 639818B1) differential technology
● Using differential measurement technology, with excellent accuracy and reliability-replace the two electrodes of the traditional pH sensor with three electrodes
● Higher reliability reduces maintenance time and downtime
● Built-in preamplifier
● Various installation methods, including hygienic installation
● PEEK sensor reduces thermal distortion
● Ryton sensor has excellent compatibility with strong alkaline substances
● The salt bridge can be replaced to extend the life of the sensor
● Optional self-cleaning components
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Technical index
Range: pH:0 ~14 pH
Sensitivity: pH:± 0.01pH
ORP:± 0.5mV
temperature range: -5~95℃
greatest pressure: At 105 ℃, it is 6.9bar
Probe material: PEEK, Ryton optional


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