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Company culture

Company culture

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Corporate Culture Construction Objectives:
In 2012, we clarified our objective of taking traditional Chinese culture as the core of corporate culture, using Chinese traditional culture to promote healthy sustainable development of the enterprise, becoming a model of a harmonious enterprise, and dedicating to building a harmonious society.
Corporate Culture Construction Content:
Corporate Style: Learn the Disciple Gauge and be good Fuguang people.
Corporate Vision: To become an outstanding integrated service provider in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction in China, and to establish a harmonious enterprise model achieving sustainable development.
Corporate Purpose: Create value for employees, create value for customers and create value for the society
Core Values: Taking Virtue as the Basis, Putting Credit in the First Place, Taking the Righteousness as the Paramount, and Taking the Peace as the Most Precious
Enterprise Spirit: Sincerity, Modesty, Responsibility, Progress, Love

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