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Environmental Monitoring
Project Name Project Time
8 River-way Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Stations of Jinjiang Environmental Monitoring Station August 2017
Yifeng Environmental Protection Bureau Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station June 2017
Guangdong Meizhou Environmental Protection Bureau Water Station Project February 2017
Shishi Water Supply Company Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station December 2016
Zhejiang Ningbo Dongqian Lake Reservoir Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station December 2016
Tianjin Jinghai Environmental Protection Bureau Environmental Monitoring Station October 2016
Taishan Port Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station in Jiaxing, Zhejiang October 2016
Guangzhou Environmental Monitoring Station May 2016
Sanya Environmental Monitoring Station May 2016
Jiaxing Xiuhu Reservoir Authority, Zhejiang April 2016
Guangdong Heshan Reservoir Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station February 2016
Xiamen Water Conservancy Bureau July 2015
Wuyishan Xidong Reservoir Management Office July 2015
Guangdong Maoming Minghu Reservoir Management Office May 2015
Guangzhou Haizhu Lake Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station December 2014
Zhengxu Reservoir Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station, Cixi, Zhejiang, October 2014
Jiangsu Changshu New Material Industrial Park September 2014
Maoming Environmental Protection Bureau, Guangdong September 2014
Anhui Tongling Environmental Protection Bureau August 2014
Guangzhou Haizhu Lake Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station August 2014
Jiulongxi Longyu Reservoir Management Office, Fujian Province July 2014
Supplementary Project of Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station of Fujian Provincial Department of Water Resources (Total Phosphorus Total Nitrogen, Chlorophyll) January 2014
Fuzhou Lianjiang Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station July 2013


Smart Water
Project Name Project Time
Nanping Wuyi New District Nanlin Avenue Sewage Lift Pump Station Equipment Procurement and Installation Project January 2018
Upgrading and Reconstruction Project of the No.2 Sewage Treatment Plant in Yanqian Industrial Concentration Zone, Wuping County; December 2017
Online Automatic Monitoring System Procurement Projects for 7 Wastewater Treatment Plants of Xiamen Zhonghuan Water Affairs Co., Ltd.; October 2017
Hangzhou Drainage Co., Ltd. Xicheng Sewage Plant On-line Monitoring System in September 2017
Sanming Youxi Xicheng Sewage Treatment Plant Automatic Control Project; May 2017
Automatic Instruments and Equipment Procurement and Related Services for Sewage Lift Pump Station Upgrading and Information Platform Construction in Pukou District, Nanjing April 2017
Sewage Station Center Control Upgrading and Online Monitoring Construction and Operation Maintenance Project of Jiaxing Xingang Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. April 2017
Instrument Automation Purchase Project of Nanping Jiangnan Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase I April 2017
Zhanjiang Water Supply Phase 1 (250,000 tons) Project (Plant-controlled Instrument System Procurement Project) January 2017
Procurement of Shishi Pipe Network Water Quality and Water Pressure Monitoring and Raw Water Quality Monitoring Equipment and Installation Services December 2016
Purchase of Online Water Quality Monitoring Equipment for Sewage Pump Station of Ruian Drainage Co., Ltd. November 2016
Nanjing Pipe Network Information System Purchase Project October 2016
Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Instrument Project of Chengnan Sewage Treatment Plant Phase II in Wuzhong District, Jiangsu January 2016
Equipment for Online Water Quality and Hygiene Supervision and Monitoring Point of Pipe Network in Shanghai Minhang District Sanitary Supervision Institute October 2015
Central Control, Online Monitoring System and Laboratory Facilities Purchase and Installation Project of Bengbu Third Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. Mohekou Sewage Treatment Plant July 2015
Pipe Network Online Monitoring System Procurement of Fuan Water Supply Co., Ltd. December 2014
Automatic Control System Equipment and Instrument Purchase Project of Chaoqian Waterworks November 2014
Dongshan No. 2 Water Plant Informatization and Laboratory Equipment (Secondary) June 2014
Dongguan Humen Port Lisha Island Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase I) Project - Automatic Control System April 2014


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