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FBM-160 / FBM-100A fluoride ion concentration analyzer

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FBM-160 / FBM-100A fluoride ion concentration analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
Measuring principle:
Using the principle of ion selective electrode, the corresponding potential difference is measured corresponding to the fluoride ion concentration in water. The sensor can be directly immersed in the water sample to measure the fluoride ion concentration.
Application industry: mainly used for online monitoring of fluoride ion concentration in industrial process water and wastewater treatment.
● Using ISE (ion selective electrode) principle, it has good selectivity for fluoride ion measurement, and can replace the electrode membrane
● There are a variety of sensor sheath installation methods to meet the application requirements of different occasions
● The rainproof structure design of the controller can be installed on the site pipeline or wall. Easy to install, easy to set up and operate
● Fluoride ion composite electrode, no reagent consumption
● Adopt unfilled reference electrode, salt bridge adopts porous fluorocarbon resin, strong anti-pollution
● The instrument has self-diagnosis function
● Can set 4 points alarm output
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Technical index
Measuring range 0~99.9mg/L,0~999mg/L,0~9990mg/L
Temperature output 0.0 ~ 50.0 ℃ (FBM-160 only)
Instrument characteristics Linear: ± 8% FS (controller)
Reproducibility: ± 5% FS (controller)
90% response time: Within 60 seconds
Analog output DC 4 ~ 20mA (impedance 650Ω, isolated output)
Analog output range Above 1 / 10FS of the above measurement range can be set arbitrarily
Factory setting: 0.0~20.0 mgl/L
0~200 mgl/L
0~2000 mgl/L
Digital output RS-232C (optional)
Alarm Output 4 points can be set
Power requirements AC 90~264V,50/60Hz
Environmental conditions Outdoor installation; temperature and humidity: -20 ~ 55 ℃, below 95% RH
Installation method FBM-160: 50A pipe or wall or bracket installation
FBM-100A: Indoor panel installation, DIN 92
Protection level FBM-160:IP65 (FBM-100A:IP30)
Sample condition pH: 4~9pH
temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃ (no icing)
Conductivity 50ms / m (500μS / cm)
Flow rate 0.01~0.2m/S
Coexistence Does not contain large amounts of calcium, aluminum, iron and other substances


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