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WQMX Water Quality Analyzer

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WQMX Water Quality Analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
WQMX water quality meter is a water quality meter specially designed for long-term monitoring of water bodies with high biological productivity. It is mainly used for long-term online observation of biogeochemical parameters in coastal ecosystems. WQMX was jointly developed by Seabird and Wetlabs. It combines the advantages of Seabird ’s CTD and Wetlabs ’optical sensors to achieve the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology of Sea-Bird and WET Labs. , Salinity, depth, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, CDOM, turbidity, density, sound velocity and backscattering.
WQM adopts the world's leading anti-biological pollution technology, which can be observed online for a long period of 3 to 6 months. The investment in the monitor is very worthwhile, because the cost is closely related to the service life of the instrument. After the advanced instrument is put into use, the high-quality data provided day by day, month, and year can truly show the value of the instrument. While providing high-quality data, WQM can greatly reduce the on-site and factory maintenance operation requirements and reduce subsequent maintenance costs.
Measurement parameters
Host parameters:
• Temperature, conductivity, salinity and depth (CTD)
• Dissolved oxygen (DO)
• Chlorophyll, turbidity (FLNTU)
• Colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM)
Optional measurement parameters:
• Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)
• phycocyanin
• Phycoerythrin
• PH
Application field
Used for continuous or real-time monitoring of water quality in the following environments:
Estuary bay
Lakes and reservoirs
Streams, rivers, channels or ditches
Performance characteristics and advantages
Multi-layer anti-biological pollution design can provide high-quality data for long-term online observation for 3 ~ 6 months. Reduce maintenance costs.
a) CTD uses pump-controlled flow-through measurement: C, T, D, DO and other parameters are measured in the opaque pipeline, and the water flow is controlled by the pump to enter a measurement pipeline for measurement at a constant flow rate. On the one hand, there is no light in the pipeline, and the organism cannot grow; on the other hand, the pump-controlled flow-through measurement can ensure that each sensor measures the same water mass.
b) BLIS bleach solution system: The instrument is equipped with a bleach solution cleaning system. The user can set the cleaning frequency according to the environment of the instrument, and every certain time, a certain amount of bleach solution is injected into the pipeline to kill the pipeline. Trace organisms; on the other hand, clean the pipeline.
c) SBE (seabird) anti-biological pollution kit; used to prevent the growth of organisms in pipes and inlets and outlets.
d) Anti-biological pollution copper brush, only when the sample is measured, the copper brush is turned on, and when the instrument is dormant, the copper brush is closed to protect the optical window from contamination.
e) Multiple copper shell design.
Sea-Bird CTD sensor, high precision and high stability.
Optical background interference filtering function.
High-precision data: It can be applied not only to the cleanest ocean waters, but also to distinguish small environmental changes, or to high-productivity turbid near-shore waters.
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Technical index
sensor Measuring range Accuracy Typical stability Resolution
Dissolved oxygen 120% or 200% 0.1mg / L or ± 2% saturation 0.5% / 1000 hours Probe is not contaminated 0.035% saturation or 0.01mg / L
Conductivity 0- 90 mS/cm ± 0.003 mS/cm 0.003 mS/cm 0.0001 mS/cm
temperature -5 ~45℃ ± 0.002 ° C / ± 0.01 ° C (> 32 ° C) 0.002°C/月 0.0001℃
pressure 0 - 100 m ± 0.1% of full scale 0.05% of full scale 0.002% full scale
Chlorophyll, turbidity 0--30 μg Chl/L,0--10 NTU
0--50 μg Chl/L,0--25 NTU
0--50 μg Chl/L,0--100 NTU
0--75 μg Chl/L,0--200 NTU
0--125 μgChl/L,0--350 NTU
0-250μgChl/L,0--1000 NTU
0.2% FS μg/l
0.1% FS NTU
Communication Interface RS 232
Sampling frequency 1 Hz
shell 200 m depth level
In air: 6.25 kg (13.8 lbs)
In water: 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs)
input power 9 – 16 V DC
Electric current
<100 mA
350 mA peak
<50 μA / sleep
wavelength Chlorophyll (EX / EM) 470nm/695nm Turbidity 700nm


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