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AnatelPAT700 online, portable TOC analyzer

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AnatelPAT700 online, portable TOC analyzer

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The Anatel PAT700 TOC analyzer meets all pharmacopoeial standards (including the United States, Europe, and Japan). PAT700 completely oxidizes each sample to ensure accurate TOC analysis results, in line with the European Pharmacopoeia 2.2.44 standards. The Anatel PAT700 dual UV lamp design ensures production uptime, making PAT700 a wise choice for online TOC analysis. Save time and money—Anatel PAT700 can be used online or grab 4 samples for offline analysis.


  • TOC analysis of total organic carbon on line for pharmaceutical water meeting pharmacopoeia standards


  • Reliable data-using UV detection technology, offset alarm function and fully traceable calibration and other functions
    Implementation of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process flow analysis technology (PAT) application, thereby saving time and reducing expensive laboratory analysis costs.
  • Reduce the recall of risky products and expedite water loop troubleshooting when an offset alarm occurs
    ANATEL PAT700 captures two samples internally, the first sample is analyzed, and the second sample is to verify the alarm and perform further root cause analysis.
  • Automated on-site cleaning (CIP) online analysis can speed up the determination of whether the production container is clean
    Anatel PAT700 on-site cleaning analysis maximizes production uptime by providing instant online results of TOC and conductivity. PAT700 provides instant online verification to ensure that the medicine storage container is cleaned to meet the production needs of different products.
  • Using the ANATEL PAT700 36-bottle autosampler can save time and increase laboratory output.
    The ASX-7200 automatic sampler is used, so that laboratory users can automatically operate after setting 36 bottles for TOC analysis, and manual intervention is required. PAT700 does not require expensive reagents or carrier gas.
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