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FilterTrak 660 sc ultra low range turbidity meter

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FilterTrak 660 sc ultra low range turbidity meter

Typical applications: monitoring of the state of the filtration membrane in the membrane treatment process; turbidity monitoring of the direct drinking water system; ultra-low-range turbidity monitoring of the factory water from the waterworks; etc. The controller of the FT660sc is a universal controller of sc200 or sc1000 150 times the traditional turbidity meter, can accurately measure turbidity below 0.1NTU ● Patented built-in de-bubbling system ● HACH provides a standard turbidity sample 800mNTU correction system ● LED laser light source, low power consumption, no stray light, light Strong and stable ● Adopt HACH10133 approved by USEPA
Product description
Technical indicators
typical application:
Filter membrane status monitoring in the membrane treatment process;
Turbidity monitoring of direct drinking water system;
Ultra-low-range turbidity monitoring of factory water from waterworks
Instrument characteristics
● The controller of FT660 sc is sc200 or sc1000 universal controller
● The sensitivity is increased to 150 times of the traditional turbidity meter, which can accurately measure the turbidity below 0.1NTU
● Patented built-in bubble removal system
● Use HACH to provide a standard turbidity sample 800mNTU calibration system
● LED laser light source, low power consumption, no stray light, stable light intensity
● Adopt HEPA 10133 method approved by USEPA
Measuring principle
The water sample passes through the defoamer. After the entrapped air bubbles are removed, it flows into the measurement chamber of the FilterTrak sensor through the center column. The 35mW laser diode emits a light beam with a wavelength of 660nm and passes through the sample cell. The beam is a highly calibrated monochromatic beam, eliminating stray light. After being scattered by the particles in the sample, the light is received by a monitor at a 90 ° angle to the beam and coupled to the detection system for analysis via an optical fiber. The amount of light detected is proportional to the turbidity of the sample.
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Technical index
Range 0.000-5000mNTU
light source 660nm laser light source
0-1000mNTU, ± 3% of reading value or 5mNTU
1000-5000mNTU, ± 2% of reading
Resolution 0.001mNTU
Less than 1% at 24mNTU
± 1% at 500mNTU
± 1% at 800mNTU
Sample flow rate 100~750mL/min
Operating temperature 0~40℃
Water temperature 0~50℃
Analog output Two 0/4 ~ 20mA, the output can be arbitrarily set in the range of 0 ~ 5000mNTU
connecting cables 2m cable is included; if necessary, you can choose to extend the cable: 7.5m, 15m, 30m, 100m
Alarm Output Three turbidity alarm points, each alarm point is equipped with SPDT relay, 5A / 230VAC


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