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-Product overview: The highly flexible Trojan UV3000Plus ™ system has fully demonstrated its high efficiency and reliability of disinfection performance in global application cases. The system also incorporates Tejean ’s patent: ActiClean ™ chemical processing machinery online automatic cleaning system to minimize maintenance and costs. It is very suitable for water plants with large changes in flow range, as well as water plants that need to deal with complex and low-quality water bodies (sewage and overflow) and tertiary reuse water bodies. -Typical application: Various types of sewage treatment plants -Working principle: Ballast cooling method (Yes
Product description
Technical indicators
TrojanUVSwift ™ is a strong proof of our commitment to providing water security. Hundreds of installation sites around the world demonstrate the system's compactness, flexibility, and effective and reliable performance. This series has a variety of inlet and outlet pipe diameters to choose from, with a wide range of flow rates, suitable for various new or modified drinking water projects. TrojanUVSwift ™ can also be upgraded to deal with substances and other chemical pollutants that cause seasonal and odor.
TrojanUVSwift ™ uses Trojan's patented technology and is specially designed and manufactured for reliable disinfection performance. It requires fewer lamps when handling a given flow rate, and it is easy to maintain. All maintenance can be performed at one end. It incorporates a number of innovations that reduce operating and maintenance costs, including variable output efficiency, electronic ballasts and the industry's only innovative revolutionary ActiClean ™ double-effect casing cleaning system.
Typical applications
Various types of waterworks
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Technical index
Cleaning system
ActiClean ™ Casing Automatic Cleaning System
National Health Foundation 60/61 certification Have
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