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HYDROLAB HL4 compact multi-parameter water quality analyzer

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Online Analyzer


HYDROLAB HL4 compact multi-parameter water quality analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators

Hydrolab HL4 is ideal for long-term online fresh water monitoring applications. This multi-parameter water quality analyzer is lightweight, portable and flexible, and can help you quickly monitor the water quality of the basin.

Stable and reliable sensors, sturdy external structure, and simple and convenient calibration operation ensure the high quality and reliability of monitoring data. The HL4 multi-parameter water quality analyzer has a temperature sensor, four sensor ports and an optional internal depth sensor. The software can realize easy data retrieval and setting of log files.

Features and advantages

-Lightweight design, easy to carry

-The device is compact in size and can be installed in a small space (for example, a gap or casing with a width of 2 inches or a diameter)

-Rugged and durable, suitable for long-term field monitoring

Easy to carry, less application restrictions

-4GB internal memory can be used for logging data

-Optional internal battery pack

-Flexible sensor selection, various sensors can be selected according to the application

Ideal for field monitoring and short-term monitoring research

-Guided calibration process

-Display real-time measured values ​​in graphs

-The stability standard of the vertical profile and the sensor can be defined

Simple and easy-to-use instrument management and control software

-Guided calibration process

-Display real-time measured values ​​in graphs

-The stability standard of the vertical profile and the sensor can be defined

Sensor options

- temperature


- pH/ORP

-Optical dissolved oxygen

-Turbidity sensor with wiper


-Chlorophyll a

-Blue-green algae (sea water or fresh water)


-Ammonia Nitrogen (Ion Selective Electrode)

-Nitrate (ion selective electrode)

-Chloride ion (ion selective electrode)




HYDROLAB operating software

Intuitive and concise

The powerful software platform helps users make wise decisions in time, reduce the risk of errors, and improve monitoring efficiency.



Quickly view the current status of the instrument and ensure its normal operation

The software platform provides the color identification display function of the overall operating status of the instrument

-Dashboard provides clear activity alarms and corrective action guidance

-Instantly understand the due time of all user-defined maintenance and calibration

-Automatic notification of updates

Simple calibration process, shorten calibration time, extend equipment deployment and running time

-Guided calibration process to guide customers to complete the calibration process

-Calibration information such as calibration date and time, calibration type, user identification and remarks are stored and recorded for easy reference

-Check calibration process allows users to verify calibration, check linearity and store results

Present current and historical data through various table and graph options

-Multiple parameters can be selected to present the current status and log file data

-You can choose automatic zoom or fixed scale graphics (including custom colors and defined ranges)

-Define sensor stability standards and view important real-time data tags

-Just drag and drop the parameter column to optimize viewing preferences

-Simple data export to CSV format

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