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External clamp ultrasonic flowmeter

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External clamp ultrasonic flowmeter

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  SITRANS FS220 is a practical and economical clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter that can achieve high-precision measurement while minimizing installation time and reducing maintenance costs.

  Product Features:

  • The minimum measuring pipe diameter is 12mm, and the maximum is 10 m

  • Accuracy 1.0%, repeatability 0.25% based on ISO 11631.

  • External clamp installation, no need to break the pipe or cut off the flow, the bigger the pipe, the more economical.

  • No moving parts, IP68 package, the sensor does not need to be cleaned regularly.

  • WIDEBEAM® time difference technology leads the market and can handle aeration or suspended solids

  • 100Hz update rate

  • Can measure all clean liquids.

  • Support Modbus communication

  Flow range ±12 m/s bidirectional measurement

  Minimum flow resolution 0.001 m/s

  Current output 4 ~ 20 mA

  Accuracy ±1.0%

  Repeatability ±0.25% according to ISO11631

  Zero drift 0.1% of full scale

  Data refresh frequency 100 Hz

  Protection grade transmitter: IP65, sensor: IP68

  Power supply 10 ~ 240 V AC

  Temperature range -40 to 230 ºC (sensor temperature)

  -10 to 50 ºC (transmitter)

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