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TSS sc turbidity / suspension probe

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TSS sc turbidity / suspension probe

Typical applications: ● Electroplating nuclear power plants in industrial pulp and paper mills, thermal power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, alumina production, industrial wastewater, beer, beverage industry, including soft drinks ● municipal sewage ● surface water and drinking water instrument characteristics ● dual light source eight beam measurement The system can compensate a variety of interferences, and the measurement accuracy is high. ● The measurement range is wide. Only one probe can be used to measure turbidity and suspended matter. ● The measurement surface is made of sapphire to prevent surface scaling. Brush ● Unique high temperature version of the probe can withstand high temperatures up to 90 degrees ● Explosion-proof version of the probe can be used in a zone of explosion-proof ● Hygienic probe, designed for food, drink
Product description
Technical indicators
typical application:
● Industry
Pulp and paper mill
Nuclear power plant, thermal power plant
Petroleum and chemical industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Alumina production
Industrial waste
Beer and beverage industry, including soft drinks
● Municipal sewage
● Surface water and drinking water
Instrument characteristics
● Dual light source and eight beam measurement system, which can compensate and measure a variety of interferences
High accuracy
● Wide measuring range, only one probe can measure turbidity and suspended matter
● The measuring surface is made of sapphire to prevent scaling on the surface
● Can be selected from cleaning brushes
● Unique high temperature probe, can withstand high temperature up to 90 degrees
● Explosion-proof probe can be used in the explosion-proof area
● Hygienic probe, specially designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry
● Specially provide titanium alloy probe for highly corrosive water samples
Measuring principle
The dual-source eight-beam measurement system uses infrared pulsed light with a wavelength of 860 nm to measure the turbidity and suspended matter concentration of water samples. The two infrared light sources work at the same time to ensure accurate and stable measurement and eliminate the interference of mirror pollution, temperature and water color. The measurement of turbidity uses two-channel 90-degree scattered light measurement, which complies with DIN EN 27027 / ISO 7027. The measurement value is verified by eight-channel multi-angle measurement, which improves the accuracy of the measurement. For the measurement of suspended matter, the instrument uses an eight-channel multi-angle measurement method.
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