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CODMAX product question and answer

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Question: Fault repair table in the CODMAX manual (reference)

Question: CODMAX instrument alarm: humidity alarm, what is the reason?
Answer: Cause: The humidity sensor alarms because the internal pipeline of the instrument is blocked, damaged, or the leakage of the inlet valve is eliminated.
Question: CODMAX instrument alarm: What is the cause of "internal bus error" or "control unit"?
Answer: Reason: The communication of the control unit circuit board has moved out
Question CODMAX instrument alarm: "bus error" or no display at boot, what is the reason?
Answer: Reason: circuit board failure, poor BUS connection, etc.
Question: What is the reason for the inaccurate comparison of CODMAX data?
Answer: Reason: 1. Sampling error: pay attention to the sample mixing. Make sure that the online instrument and the laboratory do the experiment at the same time.
2. Is it caused by oxidation efficiency: prolong the oxidation time of CODMAX
3. Chloride interference
Question: CODMAX instrument alarm: What is the reason of "process limit alarm"?
Answer: Reason: The condensation process takes too long or the temperature sensor is abnormal. Clean the fan filter regularly.
Question: CODMAX instrument alarm: "NO SAMPLE; FILL DIGESTION, etc." What is the reason? "
Answer: Reason: The squeezed nozzle of the discharge valve cannot be used to clamp the discharge hose, so the piston pump cannot pump liquid normally, which may cause many alarm
Question: CODMAX instrument alarm: What is the reason for "no sulfuric acid alarm (NO STANDARD, NO DICHROMATE, NO H2SO4, NO DEST, NO HG, etc.)"? "
Answer: Reason: If there is reagent, the sulfuric acid valve is blocked or broken.
Question: What is the reason for repeated calibration of the CODMAX instrument?
Answer: Reason: High and low signal, measurement and reference signal are abnormal, the action of digestion inlet valve is not working.
Question: CODMAX instrument alarm: "No digestion temperature sensor or digestion temperature is greater than 200 ℃" What is the reason?
Answer: Reason: The temperature of the digestion tube is abnormal, and the digestion tube needs to be replaced.
Question: CODMAX instrument alarm: What is the reason for "no sample alarm"?
Answer: Reason: The pump is not working, the sampling filter is clogged, and the sample valve is not operating.
Question: Can CODMAX be connected to the printer?
Answer: Yes.
1. Things to be prepared:
1. Printer with serial port function, take epson TM-U220D receipt printer as an example.
2. A 9pin Sud D connector at both ends is a male serial data cable, because the printer and the RS232 serial connector provided by CODMAX are female.
It should be noted that the two male serial port heads of this data line need to be made into cross lines, that is, the receiving pin 2 on one end is connected to the sending pin 3 on the other end, that is, 2 is connected to 3, 3 is connected to 2; the ground is 5 welded 5 (When I first started debugging, I didn't notice this, and directly connected the data cable with both ends to the CODMAX and the printer, resulting in the inability to communicate and print).
2. Parameter setting:
1. CODMAX parameter setting:
Settings --- print settings: rate: 9600; parity: NO.
2. Printer parameter setting:
EPSON TM-U220D printer, the communication parameters are
Baut rate: 9600bps
Data bits: 8 bits
Parity: none
Stop bit: 1 bit or more
Handshaking: DTR / DSR
3. After setting, supply power to the printer, and press the print test in the COD menu to print out the latest value of COD.
After installation and debugging, CODMAX automatically sends data to the printer for printing through the serial port after each measurement of data, and realizes the function of online printing of COD measurement data.
Question: The technical parameters of CODMAX?
Answer: 1. Measuring range: 10-5000mg / L, three ranges are selected 0-500mg / L; 100-1500mg / L; 1000-5000mg / L;
2. Lower detection limit: 8mg / L;
3. Resolution: <1mg / L;
4. Accuracy:> 100mg / L: <10% reading; <100mg / L: <± 6mg / L;
5. Digestion time: 3, 10, 20, 40, 60, 100 or 120 minutes optional;
6. Measurement period: 3, 4… 24 hours or continuous measurement, the instrument can also be triggered by MODBUS;
7. Calibration: You can set the time interval for automatic correction or manual correction;
8. User maintenance: one hour of maintenance time per month;
9. Output: (1) 2 0/4 ~ 20mA current outputs; (2) 2 24v1A multi-function output relays (3) The instrument comes with MODBUS communication protocol; (4) Service interface: RS232
10. Environment temperature: + 5 ℃ —— + 40 ℃;
11. Power requirements: 220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz;
12. Power consumption: 100VA;
13. Others: automatic cleaning, graphical display of historical measurement data, and fault alarm.
Question: What are the CODMAX maintenance?
Answer: Every 2 weeks:
-Check whether the pipeline leaks and whether it needs cleaning: measuring test tube, digestion test tube, waste liquid discharge tube.
Every 4 weeks:
-Replacement reagent (LCW420), according to actual needs.
Every 3 months:
-Replace the sample and waste pipes (TOS_X one-year maintenance kit).
Every 6 months:
-Replace the waste liquid discharge pipe.
Every 12 months:
-Replace the measuring tube seal ring, digest the test tube seal ring, and piston.
Every 24 months:
-All pipelines, digestion test tubes (BBK036), piston pumps (EXP033).
Question: Can the historical data of CODMAX be downloaded?
Answer: There is an RS232 serial port on the panel of the instrument, which can be downloaded through the super terminal.
Question: Can the historical data of CODMAX be downloaded?
Answer: There is an RS232 serial port on the panel of the instrument, which can be downloaded through the super terminal.
Question: How much data can CODMAX store?
Answer: About 2,000 data
Question: CODMAX installation environment?
Answer: The installation environment of CODmax should pay attention to that the room should be kept dry, ventilated and free of corrosive irritating gas.
The ambient temperature at the installation location should be controlled within the range of 5 ° C to 40 ° C (41 ° F to 104 ° F), and avoid direct sunlight.
Question: What is included in CODMAX's one-year wearing parts number?
Answer: TOS_X: TOS_X contains the following contents
1 ELS895 TUBE PHARMED 65 2.4X5.6MM, LENGTH 195MM 1170
2 ELS027 TUBE 1B, FEP 1.6X3.2MM, LENGTH 9.5M 6000
3 EZD260 O-RING 9, 19X2, 62MM KALREZ 6375     1
4 EZD261 O-RING 3,63X2,62MM KALREZ 6375   1
6 EZD259 O-ring, 6.07X1.78mm, KALREZ6375 2
7 LZV047 O-ring, 2.2X1.6mm, KALREZ6375   3
Question: CODMAX reagent article number? And what reagents are included? formula?
Answer: The total article number: LCW420 contains five bottles of reagents: mercury sulfate solution, potassium dichromate solution, sulfuric acid solution,
Zero point standard solution, standard solution. For the recipe, please refer to the configuration in the manual
Question: How does CODMAX communicate?
Answer: Analog output: 4-20MA Data communication modbus RS485 can realize two-way communication and remote control
Question: When measuring COD with CODMAX, what is the cl-concentration of the main interferer?
Answer: 5gCL- / L
Question: CODMAX measurement principle?
Answer: Colorimetric determination of potassium dichromate digestion at high temperature. Namely: the mixture of water sample, potassium dichromate, silver sulfate solution (catalyst makes the linear aliphatic compound more fully oxidized) and concentrated sulfuric acid is heated to 175 ℃ in the digestion tank. The valence is reduced to Ⅲ valence and the color is changed. The degree of color change corresponds to the content of organic compounds in the sample. The instrument directly displays the COD of the sample through colorimetric conversion.
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