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DR2800 common problem analysis

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Question: What is the wavelength range of the DR2800?
Visible light range 340-990nm


Question: How many parameters can the DR2800 measure?
Built-in 247 test methods, most of the substances in the visible range can be measured

Question: The self-built curve of DR2800 cannot be stored, and it disappears after switching on and off after storage?
This happens when the battery voltage of the motherboard is lower than 2.5V. Replace the motherboard battery.

Question: DR2800 can't be turned on, it will shut down automatically when it starts flashing?
The battery of the main board is out of power, which will cause this situation. In addition, the external power supply is unstable, and the power board failure will also cause this situation.

Question: How does the DR2800 build its own curve?
User-created programming. Before starting programming, an analysis program must be developed. The user must define or determine the program sequence, calculation formula, measurement wavelength, coefficient, measurement range limit, etc.
• Modified tests.
• For commonly used tests, user programs can be assigned to the frequently used program menu.
• Specific options for creating methods and tests.

1. Press the user program in the main menu, then press the program option
2. Select New from the program options
3. Select 950-999 from the program number, select an unused serial number as the program number and press OK
4. Name the program name
5. Edit program type
6. Set the measurement unit
7. Set up the chemical structure
8. Perform calibration by entering calibration values
9. Stored procedures

Problem: The buttons on the DR2800 touch screen are not working and cannot be operated
The touch screen is broken and needs to be replaced. The article number is LZV611

Problem: DR2800 keys are offset and cannot be operated
It is recommended that customers send to the office for adjustment. If the adjustment is not possible, the screen needs to be replaced.

Problem: DR2800 cannot save the date and time
If the battery of the mainboard is out of power, the related changes cannot be stored.

Question: What is the standard configuration of DR2800?
DR2800-01 includes the following configuration:
DR / 2800 Spectrophotometer
Type A adapter-suitable for 1 cm square cell
Type B adaptor-suitable for multi-path colorimetric cell and flow cell
Type C adapter-suitable for 1 inch round colorimetric cells and ampoules
1 to 1 inch square cell (10mL)
Hood, hood, universal power adapter (with conversion plug), English manual, etc.
DR2800-01B includes the following configuration:
In addition to the configuration including DR2800-01, it is also equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery

Question: How long can the DR2800 battery last?
The newly purchased lithium battery needs to be charged for about 3.5 hours before use.
Under normal use conditions *, a fully charged lithium battery can work for 6-7 hours.
 Normal use conditions refer to: 10 measurements per day, the instrument is not turned off after the measurement,
The instrument automatically cuts off the power supply after 15 minutes.
Question: How to install lithium battery in DR2800?
Question: Technical parameters of DR2800?
Light source: Tungsten lamp
Wavelength range: 340–900nm
Wavelength accuracy: ± 2nm
Bandwidth: 5nm

Question: How does DR2800 clean the screen of DR2800?
Wipe the instrument and touch screen with a soft damp cloth. If stains are difficult to remove, use diluted glass cleaner, but do not use organic solvents.

Question: DR2800 often prompts that the next inspection has expired and how to solve it
The instrument needs to perform another system-wide check, which can be performed.

Question: DR2800. Self-check alarm error Self-check stop, please check the lamp. Please close the cover.
Check the lamp and replace if necessary. Close the cover and press to start again.

Question: DR2800 An error occurred when using TNT reagent. The program is not available?
The relevant barcode program is missing, it is recommended to update the program.

Question: DR2800 gives an alarm when using TNT reagent. Error barcode control number? Please update the program data!
There is a difference between the barcode test data and the stored information. It is recommended to do a program update.

Question: DR2800 fails to pass the POST?
The light path is deviated, and the light path needs to be adjusted.

Question: DR2800 power-on self-test alarm E15?
The grating is broken or the grating motor does not operate. Suggested repair.
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