Urban Inland Inundation Monitoring, Early Warning and Emergency Response System

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Through modern information technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and 3S, this system realizes the “Four Modernizations, One Database and One Platform” for urban drainage and flood prevention. Here “Four Modernizations” refers to the digitization of urban drainage and flood prevention facilities, the visualization of drainage flood prevention information, the real-time monitoring of drainage flood prevention, and the scientific deployment of drainage flood prevention; “One Database” is a database of urban drainage flood prevention facilities that integrates GIS technology; and “One Platform” is the municipal drainage information management and control platform. The construction of “Four Modernizations, One Database and One Platform” has met the requirements of urban management departments for the information management of urban drainage flood prevention data, the maintenance and management of drainage flood prevention facilities, and the management of drainage flood prevention services.


System Functions:

System Features:

1. Realize real-time SMS alarm, advance warning, find problems in advance, and respond well
2. Realize simultaneous monitoring and unified coordination at multiple points
3. Combine with historical data query, drainage capacity of rainwater wells in different rainfall processes and analysis of pipeline problems
4. Build prediction models based on weather forecasts and historical data to identify issues such as water-logging, underlying discharges, silt chocking, and sewage in a timely manner and improve the management level.

                                   Dynamic Simulation (CS Version)
                                       Statistical Analysis

System Benefits:
1. Analyze the operating status of the pipe network, make corresponding statistics and provide scientific analysis for inspection and maintenance
2. Real-time dynamic monitoring, data storage, provide data support for management decisions
3. Real-time alarm of abnormal measured values, emergency scheduling, improved response capability, and avoidance of major losses

                                             Real-time View
                                       Water-logging Query

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