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Surface Water Monitoring Station

Description:Surface water monitoring stations are established in lakes, reservoirs, drinking water sources, rivers and other watersheds in the form of fixed stations, container stations, and landscapes.
Description:Surface water monitoring stations are established in lakes, reservoirs, drinking water sources, rivers and other watersheds in the form of fixed stations, container stations, and landscapes.

Surface Water Monitoring Station:

Surface water monitoring stations are established in lakes, reservoirs, drinking water sources, rivers and other watersheds in the form of fixed stations, container stations, and landscapes. They are an on-site water quality automatic monitoring laboratory. The surface water station is a real-time monitoring system that combines several water quality monitoring and analysis instruments together with corresponding software to achieve control of water intake, filtration, sand collection, cleaning, instrument analysis, data storage, and data transmission. The system has the functions of remote control, data sorting, incompliance record, power outage protection and automatic recovery in the case of power on. The purpose of the establishment of surface water monitoring stations is to master water quality and pollutant flux, prevent and controll water pollution accidents, and provide technical services to the environmental protection management department.

System Structure
Features of Fixed Station Systems

Continuous Collection: Can obtain 24-hour continuous online water quality monitoring data;
Data Processing: Can analyze and store the collected data;
Automatic Transmission: Can actively transmit monitored data to the designated system platform. When a network abnormality or data interruption occurs, the system can store the data temporarily. After the communication is restored to normal, the system can reissue the data and ensure data integrity.
Visual Display: The system can display instrument operation status and water quality monitoring data in real time, and conduct report management;
SMS Alarm: When there is an abnormality in monitoring data, the system will sound an SMS alarm to control the water quality abnormal situation in real time (SMS alarm sending sites, alarm factor, alarm value, etc.);
Instrument Counter-control: It can carry out real-time instrument data interrogation, and has the function of remote instrument maintenance and calibration;
Equipment Status Management: The system has the functions of automatic operation, power failure protection, automatic power on recovery; maintaining inspection status test for routine maintenance and emergency troubleshooting, etc.

                                Fixed Station
Container Features

A. In order to ensure that the system works stably and reliably, and the structure is simple and compact, a cylindrical self-cleaning sampling cartridge and a jet dosing and cleaning device are proposed. B. In order to improve the sedimentation effect, simplify the structure, and reduce the volume, it is proposed to use a cylindrical sedimentation structure to maximize the volume.

C. In order to avoid secondary investment and construction, to achieve truly seamless connection, it is proposed to adopt a modular water sampling and distribution structure design, so as to freely combine various monitoring parameters.

D. In order to make each analytical instrument work independently, not affect each other or interfere with the measurement, it is proposed to adopt a control method in which a single device can be individually controlled for individual measurement in each cycle without starting all devices for measurement.

E. In order to reduce system operation and maintenance costs, it is proposed to use double-pump double-pipe water collection technology, jet dosing and water and gas mixed cleaning technology.

F. To achieve the traceability of the sample, it is proposed to adopt the standard-exceeding sampling technology and synchronous sampling technology.

                                Container Station
User Value

With the development of eco-environmental monitoring networks and the promotion of the gridded water quality monitoring, automatic monitoring stations for water environments need to be more densely distributed to meet the needs of big data applications such as pollution traceability, water quality early warning, and river length assessment. The conventional water quality automatic monitoring station covers a large area and needs high investment in infrastructure, so it is difficult to adapt to the application needs in the new environmental monitoring situation.

To this end, Fuguang Water Technology Co., Ltd. combines many years of experience in the development and integration of online water quality monitoring equipment, and develops landscape type water quality automatic monitoring system, which, characterized by beautiful appearance, no need of land acquisition for house building, flexible installation and customizable monitor parameters, can be suitable for different application scenarios.

System Features

1. Monitoring parameters can be adjusted according to the needs of users, support simultaneous monitoring of water quality and hydrology;
2. Small-scale, intensive, highly integrated, low power consumption, low maintenance, complete functions, and strong scalability;
3. Small footprint, no land acquisition needed, flexible installation, short construction period, low investment, and achieve the same functional configuration as the fixed station house-type water station at low cost;
4. Specially customized according to the conditions of each site;
5.The appearance and style match the surrounding environment, can achieve system functions and city landscape at the same time.


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