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Quality control instrument


product description:

The FGQC-1000 quality control instrument performs data quality control on the water quality online analyzer through methods such as standard addition recovery, standard sample verification, and parallel sample measurement. FGQC-1000 quality control instrument includes water quality sampling pump, water sample pool, standard sample extraction unit, flow direction valve, standard sample container, control unit, etc. The water sampling pump is a miniature peristaltic pump, which is used to collect water samples from the water sampling point to the water sample pool; the water sample pool is used to store water samples, standard samples, and standard samples, and cooperate with pipeline valves and other actuators to realize The fixed ratio of the standard sample; the standard sample extraction unit, which is composed of a motor, a controller, an execution unit, a syringe and a one-way valve, realizes the extraction and injection of the standard sample solution; the flow direction valve is composed of a multi-way valve and a driving part , It cooperates with the standard sample extraction unit to collect standard samples from different standard sample containers; standard sample containers are used to store various standard solutions; the control unit is composed of a set of PLC and its automatic control components, which can realize standard samples Verification test, zero and span verification test, sample recovery rate test, parallel sample test blank sample test and other functions.




● Possesses the functions of water sample collection, parallel sample, zero point check, range check, standard addition and sample recovery, etc.

● It can provide quality control samples of 2 different monitoring factors at the same time;

● The instrument has the functions of remote control instrument zero point check, span check, zero point calibration, standard sample calibration, span check, parallel sample test, plus standard recovery test, etc.

● The water quality analyzer can achieve full-scale and arbitrary concentration quality control within the range;

● Support RS232, RS485 digital communication mode

● Support multiple trigger methods such as period and timing;

● Support password protection, with hierarchical authority management


Technical specifications:



size 370×410×280mm
weight 30KG
power supply (220 ± 22) V 50Hz
Power consumption 50W
Operating temperature 5~45
Working humidity 85% , no condensation
Quantitative repeatability of water sample <± 1%
Accuracy of spiked volume ± 1%
Repeat accuracy of spiked volume 1%
Communication Interface RS485RS232


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