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Mini water quality automatic monitoring station



Product Description:

The FGWQ-2000 series of water quality monitoring micro-stations takes miniaturized instruments as the core, and uses modern automation and communication technology to integrate the water quality monitoring system into an outdoor cabinet. It is mainly aimed at new online water quality monitoring products that have emerged as the times require high density, low cost, and high frequency in application scenarios such as environmental protection, water conservancy or environmental governance. Compared with the traditional automatic water quality monitoring station, the micro-station has obvious advantages. It adopts a customized movable monitoring cabinet with beautiful appearance, convenient relocation and low construction cost. The equipment has the advantages of high integration, complete functions, reliable operation, small footprint, no need for land acquisition, short construction period and low investment, and is suitable for a wide range of locations. It can realize the functions of river length assessment, pollution tracing, water quality evaluation and water quality early warning.


Product Composition

The miniature water quality automatic monitoring station is composed of water collection unit, pretreatment and water distribution unit, analysis unit, data acquisition and transmission unit, control unit, auxiliary unit, etc., with optional quality control unit and remote monitoring platform.



Basic structure diagram of micro station



 Integrated cabinet, covering an area of ​​about 1m2, with heating and cooling air-conditioning, with electronic door locks and humanized rain cover;

 Support any combination of conventional nine-parameter monitoring factors, which can expand chlorophyll and blue-green;

 Scientific pretreatment system can meet the monitoring requirements of different water bodies;

●The  principle of the analyzer meets national standards;

 Advanced quality control function, which can automatically realize multiple quality control functions such as zero point check, span check, 24-hour zero point drift, 24-hour span drift, spike recovery rate, parallel sample test, etc.;

 Using modular, intelligent, and highly integrated design concepts to achieve the same functional configuration as traditional station-style water stations at low cost;

 Support wired and wireless transmission, which can adapt to the needs of outdoor sites in multiple scenarios;

●The  construction period is short, the on-site engineering is simple, it is convenient to move, and the reconstruction is fast in different places.





Executive standard
Executive standard ◆  Technical requirements for HJ/T 96-2003    pH water quality automatic analyzer
◆  HJ/T 97-2003 Electrical conductivity water quality automatic analyzer technical requirements
◆  HJ/T 98-2003 turbidity water quality automatic analyzer technical requirements
◆  HJ/T 99-2003   Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Water Quality Automatic Analyzer Technical Requirements 
◆  Technical requirements for HJ/T 100-2003 permanganate index water quality automatic analyzer
◆  Technical requirements and testing methods of HJ/T 101-2019 ammonia nitrogen water quality online automatic monitor
◆  Technical requirements for HJ/T 102-2003 total nitrogen water quality automatic analyzer
◆  Technical requirements for HJ/T 103-2003 Total Phosphorus Water Quality Automatic Analyzer
◆  HJ/T 377-2019 Chemical oxygen demand (CODCr) water quality online automatic monitor technical requirements and testing methods  
◆  HJ 915-2017    Technical Specification for Automatic Monitoring of Surface Water (Trial) 
◆   Technical requirements and testing methods for outdoor small water quality automatic monitoring system
Cabinet integration
Cabinet ◆  Cabinet size 1400mm*710mm* 1950mm (length*width*height), equipped with retractable canopy, shelter from rain and sun;
◆  Good airtight performance, waterproof and shock-proof performance, meet the relevant requirements of GJB870-90, the overall protection level of the cabinet reaches IP5 5 or more;
◆  Configuration of environmental monitoring function: real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, smoke, and water leakage in the station room, to improve the safety of the station room, reduce accidents, and ensure the operation of the equipment;
◆The  inside of the cabinet is heat-insulated, and the interlayer is made of fire-proof and heat-insulating rock wool;
◆It is  equipped with integrated air conditioner, which automatically adjusts the temperature inside the cabinet to ensure that the inside of the cabinet is at room temperature and meets the temperature requirements of the system and instruments.
◆  Installation method: floor installation
◆  Weight: <600kg
◆  Input power: AC 220V  ± 10%, 50Hz
◆  Full load power: <3200W
◆  Communication method: GPRS
Water collection unit
Water collection unit Based on the preliminary investigation and understanding, according to the site conditions, combined with the company's previous experience in similar projects, put forward an economical and applicable water extraction plan. The water collection unit that can automatically and continuously work in synchronization with the entire system provides reliable and effective water samples to the system.
Water distribution pretreatment unit Multi-stage pretreatment is used to meet the pretreatment requirements of different analysis modules for water samples. Including the static sedimentation of raw water, precision filtration and water distribution, etc. Part of the water sample provided by the water collection unit enters the five-parameter flow cell (note: the five-parameter meter water does not require sedimentation and filtration, and the sample pump is directly supplied to the flow cell for testing); a part of the raw water flows into the sedimentation after removing large particles by the filter In the pool, buffer and settle the sand; after filtering, enter the sampling cup for analysis instrument use.
Control unit and data acquisition and transmission unit The control unit is composed of an industrial computer, a PLC programmable controller, and a wireless or wired transmission module. The system realizes instrument measurement control through industrial computer PC software, and realizes system water collection and pump valve control through PLC; industrial computer can upload test results and instrument status to the information platform through wired network, GPRS, 3G/4G wireless network.
Auxiliary unit ◆  Include UPS, stabilized power supply, lightning protection unit, video surveillance and other parts.
◆The  video surveillance is equipped with 2 sets of 2 million pixel high-definition infrared cameras, around the observation station and the water collection environment, to protect the station and water collection facilities from damage
◆ The  UPS uninterruptible power supply adopts high-quality products, which can ensure that all analytical instruments can complete a single analysis cycle, and the control system, data acquisition and communication system and other equipment are uninterrupted .
◆  Equipped with station room access control system, and automatically record station room entry and exit conditions;
◆  Lightning protection measures for power supply, signal and other facilities;
◆  Equipped with waste liquid automatic processing unit or waste liquid collection unit to meet the collection of waste liquid volume for more than two weeks.
Instrument performance
Five parameters of water quality ◆  pH range: 0-14pH, temperature: 0-60℃
◆  Conductivity range: 10-2,000 us/cm, temperature: 0-60℃
◆  Dissolved oxygen range: 0-20 mg/L, 0-200%, temperature: 0-45℃;
◆  Range: 0.01~4000NTU
Ammonia ◆  Range: 0~10 mg/L, adjustable;
◆  Zero drift : ≤0.02 mg/L
◆  Range drift : ≤1.0%
◆  Repeatability≤2.0 % 
CODmn ◆  Range: 0~20mg/L, adjustable
◆  Zero drift: ±5%
◆  Range drift : ±5% 
◆  Repeatability: ±5%
CODcr ◆  Range: 0~5000mg/L,
◆  Zero drift: ± 5 mg/L
◆  Range drift: ±10%
◆  Repeatability: ≤ 5%
Total nitrogen ◆  Range: 0~20mg/L, adjustable
◆  Zero drift: ±5%
◆  Range drift: ±10%
◆  Repeatability: ±10%
Total phosphorus ◆  Range: 0~2mg/L, adjustable
◆  Zero drift: ±5%
◆  Range drift: ±10%
◆  Repeatability: ±10%


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